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Omantel and Nawras – Global Connectors Of Oman

Albert Fahil
Founded in 1970, Oman Tel is the first in Oman in its telecommunications field. It is also the main Internet service provider in Oman. The Oman government owns 70 percent of shares of Omantel while Omantel has been holding 65 percent shares in the WorldCall of Pakistan since April 2008. A subsidiary of Oman Tel, Oman Mobile provides mobile phone service in Oman. They include BlackBerry service, voice and SMS, high speed 3.5G enabled data services and push to talk service.

Its customer base as of January 2009 is approximately 1.7 million. The fixed line service of Omantel offers unlimited calls and the charge is only RO 7.9 for a month and the charges for the United Arab Emirates is the same. The new Hayyak Liberty Plan of Oman Mobile allows customers to stay on the line, voice or video calls, for a longer period only for 89 bz and the weekly pay for new Hayyak Liberty plan is only 500 baizas.

On the other hand, Nawras was commenced 30 years later on 16th March 2005. Three years later, in 2008, it was accredited to operate fixed services and wireless services in Oman. Nawras has partnership with Qutel of Qatar and Tele-Denmal of Denmark while its local partners include Royal Office Pension Fund, Internal Security Service Pension Fund, Sultan's Special Force Pension Fund, Diwan of Royal Court Pension Fund and Ministry of Defence Pension Fund. Its 3G+ broadband and mobile Internet services were launched in December 2007 and now it covers all the main provinces of Oman. Nawras has employed over 700 employees to the date.  

Since its inception, Nawras has been highly innovative in the business circle. Within this short span of time, it succeeded to introduce a series of innovative mobile and telecom services to the Oman people. While competition among telecom and mobile services are getting tougher, Nawras keeps its position above the rest with its outstanding customer care services. Nawras Ajel Prepaid, Mousback Prepaid, Blackberry, Nawras 3G+, business solution, Internet, Mobile Handset Configuration, Mobile Number Portability, Nawras Elite Club, Nawras Rewards etc., are excellent innovations from Nawras that ever abides people with its vision.  

Both OmanTel and Nawras are ardent supporters in the development projects of Oman. While giving exclusive services to Oman people, they support under privileged people in various aspects. Educational programs, charity programs, healthcare programs, student competitions etc., are regular events with OmanTel and Nawras. The charity programs of both OmanTel and Nawras are exceptional. The Omantel Charity Campaign has been achieving a great success every year while Nawras Goodwill Journey and Nawras SMS Charity Donation Services equally spread among Oman citizens.