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Starcare Hospital holds Personal Hygiene and grooming session for staff

To benefit its employees and customers at large, Starcare Hospital recently held a training program on personal Hygiene & grooming for its staff. The session which was attended by the entire staff, was to educate them on self confidence, appearance, personal hygiene, good manners, punctuality, communication skills, and etiquettes.

Under the Learning and Development activities in the Hospital, every new staff member goes through the induction programme to learn the foundation topics which enable them to work in a Hospital.

Commenting on the benefits of the training, Dr. Askar Kukkadi, Medical Director of Starcare Hospital, said, “These various training programs that we have been conducting are at the very heart of Starcare's Human Resources Development strategy. We're constantly striving to help our employees perform to their fullest potential and expose them to various experiences and points of view in an effort to develop their skills and increase productivity and performance,"

Since inception, Starcare Hospital keeping up with their philosophy of ‘Customer first’ have developed a reputation for commitment, foresight and a remarkable, solid growth. Customers have, from the beginning been the Hospital’s primary focus. “Starcare is very proud of its employees, the management has always believed that training and development is an essential component to stimulating our employees' growth which will ensure long-term fulfilling careers in the Medical industry. We are present in a highly competitive environment, and well trained employees will be a strong asset to the Hospital in the years to come." Commented Ms. Vidya Rani, Sr. Business Development Manager at Starcare Hospital

Starcare Hospital continuously invests to build human capacity and creates career opportunities for highly-qualified Omani nationals. The Hospital recruited and deployed Omani staff in various divisions of the Hospital since its opening this year, maintaining its Omanisation level.