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Road accidents statistics in Oman are still alarming despite the decline

Muscat: It has been a common trend that Oman has a high number of road accidents in spite of various constraints set by the authorities to reduce them. Last year, the mortality rate due to road accidents touched 820 people, while the injuries were 10,066.

"Even though there has been a decline in the number of road accidents over the last two years, the numbers are still alarmingly high. Not to forget the number of people who got injured in these accidents, and those disabled and perhaps becoming burdens for themselves, families and the society," commented Ebrahim Taher, Project Manager at Oman International Trade & Exhibitions, organiser of the nonprescription viagra Traffic Safety Exhibition 2011, which endeavours to curb road accidents in the Sultanate.

The 2nd Traffic Safety Exhibition to be held in October is meant to continue the efforts undertaken by the Royal Oman Police to tackle the problem of high number of road accidents.

It is a real fact to say that road accidents are nothing but a man made crisis. "If we carry out research on the causes of the occurrence of road accidents, the most common cause would be due to thrill seeking or careless driving," he added.

Around 2,499 road accidents were reported in the first quarter of this year and resulted in the death of 302 and injuries to 3,868 people. Around 1,020 accidents occurred in Muscat governorate, which resulted in the death of  45 people and injuries to 1,228 people. 

The 2nd Traffic Safety Exhibition will be held from 18 to 20 October 2011, organised by Oman International Trade and Exhibitions in cooperation with the Royal Oman Police. A significant number of participations from the government and private sectors are expected this year to bring in the importance of life and jointly initiate work with the government to reduce traffic contingencies.

The event this year aims to highlight the concrete efforts undertaken by the Royal Oman Police to implement the enter site viagra generic us directives of His Majesty to disseminate safety and just try! security all over the Sultanate's roads.

Visitors to the exhibition will be able to witness the latest products in the safety field. The event will provide an opportunity for car agencies, car owners and traders, spare parts traders and others to showcase their products, ranging from air bags, car seats, seat belts, tires and other supplies. The event this year will also introduce the ‘Innovations Zone’ programme, which will allow exhibitors to launch their ground-breaking products and services to the visitors.

Photo Caption: A File Photo From Traffic Safety Expo 2011